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Table 1
Bedroom/ Cleaning
Table 2
Table 3
Food Items/ Misc
Table 4
1 Set of Dishes for 8
Warm Blanket*
Bath Towel Set (towels)*
Silverware for 8
Warm Blanket*
Bath Towel Set*
10 lbs of Flour
8 Drinking glasses
Warm Blanket*
Bath Towel Set*
5 lbs of Onion
1 Set of Mixing Bowls
Warm Blanket*
BathTowel Set*
Bottle of Cooking Oil
Pots and Pans
Sheet Set*
Shower Curtain
1 Box of Salt
1 Set of Baking Pans
Sheet Set*
4 Bars of Hand Soap
1 Box of Ice Tea
1 Set of Cooking Utensils
Sheet Set*
2 Bottles of Shampoo
1 Jar of Instant Coffee
Meas. cups/spoons
Sheet Set*
4 Tooth Brushes*
1 Can Black Pepper
1 set of sharp knives
2 Tubes of Tooth Paste
1 Case of Coke/ Pepsi
1 can opener
15 Disposible Razors
10 Lbs of Potatos
1 cutting board
1 Box of Feminine Supplies
5 lbs of rice
3 set of Kitchen Towels
4 Rolls of Toliet Paper
Pad of Paper and Envelopes
Dishwashing soap
Alarm Clock
1 Bottle of Hand lotion
5 Pencils/ Pens
2 Scrubby Sponges
25 Hangers
2 Boxes of Kleenex
1 Book of Stamps
Tall Kitchen Trashcan
All Purpose Cleaning Spray
Small Trashcan
Scouring powder
Aluminum Foil
Toilet Brush
Laundry Basket
Small Tool Kit
Plastic Wrap
Laundry Soap
2 Light Bulbs
2 rolls of Paper Towels
Broom and Dust Pan

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