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Blue Lake Expansion Bus Tour


Blue Lake Expansion Project Public Tour 

The next public tour is scheduled for April 6th at 1pm. (THIS TOUR IS NOW FULL - THE NEXT TOUR WILL BE SCHEDULE FOR MAY.  SIGN UPS FOR THE NEXT TOUR WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT WWW.BLUELAKEEXPANSION.COM AND OF FACEBOOK/BLUELAKEEXPANSION) Signups start March 24th at 4pm. While there is no cost, seats are limited and you must sign up below to attend.

Tour Information:

The tour will begin promptly at 1pm inside the Centennial building with a 25 minute presentation followed by a bus ride to the Project site, including a tour of the dam site and new powerhouse.

The bus will return to the Centennial building by 4pm.

Visit for more information and for more project information visit 

Please note that the tour may be unacceptable for children under the age of 5.

Dismiss the ad below and click "Click Here to Sign Up" to reserve your seat on the bus.

Sitka, AK
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Sitka, AK

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