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AYSO 92 Referee Signup


Last Updated:  2/26/2015


Area 1D Spring League Signup

U10-U12-U14 Games - Region 92 Responsibility


Rules and Limitations:

Early-Bird Signups (signups prior to Thursday for the next week’s games: Friday through Thursday) – these limitations help all referees to get assignments that fit their schedule for the next week:
         Limit of two (2) Referee (center) assignments per game day.
         Limit of one (1) U-12 Referee (center) assignment per game day.
         No signups for a family member’s game as Assistant Referee.
         No signups for Coaches or Assistant Coaches as Assistant Referee for another game in their division.
         Experienced referees: Don’t sign up for U10 AR assignments (leave these for newer referees).


Overall Signup Limitations (note: Early-Bird constraints listed above are lifted on Thursday)
         Referee must be related (e.g. parent, guardian, sibling, aunt, uncle, etc.) to earn credit for a team.
         Referees should declare the teams for which they are qualified to earn credit (email the Regional Referee Administrator, ).  Referees should identify teams for which they are designating credit when they sign up for an assignment; you may update this on the game card or within 2 weeks of the credit being posted.
         No monetary payments are permitted to referees to encourage participation.
         Credit is earned for up to three (3) game assignments per day (excludes mentor assignments).
         Credit is earned for up to five (5) game assignments per game week (Friday – Thursday).
         You must be a certified, registered (for current season) AYSO referee in uniform to earn game credit.
         Do not Referee (center) a family member’s game.
         Coaches / Assistant Coaches should not do Referee (center) duty for another game in their division.
         It is OK to signup (after Wednesday) and do Assistant Referee duty for a family member’s game.
         Youth referees can referee divisions one level below the age at which they would register and “play”.  For example, a 13 year old (U-14) youth referee may only referee U-10 and U-12 games.
         We have a limitation of 2 Youth referees per game. Youth- please check the lineup before signing up.

Playoff rules:
1. Youth Refs - We very much appreciate all your support this year, but request that Youth does not sign up to Center Ref any play off games
2. Coaches (head or assistant) - should not referee games for their own divisions



For detailed Team Referee Program Guidelines for Region 92 visit or click Team Referee Program Summary

For U16/U19 games signup visit

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Center Referee
Assistant Ref1
Assistant Ref2
Saturday, March 7
8:00 am
Campus East

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