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Sign up for a 15 minute meeting. You can choose more than one slot if you want to meet for longer.


Select a time slot to meet in my office in Chapin Hall, room 23.

You can choose more than one if you want to meet for more than 15 minutes.


I plan my schedule around the times when students sign up, so cancellations must be made at least 3 hours in advance of the meeting time so that another student has an opportunity to use that slot, or so that I don't need to come in to the office unnecessarily.

Also, please ignore the advertisements. I hate them, but I like the way this signup site works.

Amherst, MA
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Wed Oct 22nd 12:30-12:45pm
Wed Oct 22nd 12:45-1:00pm
Wed Oct 22nd 1:00-1:15pm
Wed Oct 22nd 1:15-1:30pm
Wed Oct 22nd 1:30-1:45pm
Wed Oct 22nd 1:45-2:00pm
Yasmine Huerta

Amherst, MA

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